Tuesday, May 2, 2017

4 months

maggie mae is 4 months old!
she weighs 15lbs 5oz (75%) and is 25 inches long (50%)

this month has been the easiest month so far for our little girl.  mommy continues to eat dairy free (but when she cheats a little, baby girl lets us know!) and this has lead to a MUCH happier baby.  she is a bit of an early riser (6am), but then eats every 3-4 hours after that and just a few weeks ago, dropped her dream feed and sleeps 8ish to 6ish.  she found her thumb, but still refuses the paci most of the time and is doing much better at naps too.  she hates tummy time still but loves her family.  i would say she is a momma's girl for now and looks for me in most situations.  the kids like making her smile, especially big sister and livi is so proud when "maggie smile at me."  joey does silly voices to make her laugh and she likes talking to us a lot. she likes to be a part of things and likes to sit in our laps so she can observe the world around her (versus being in her swing or something).  i've been wearing her more in the ergo and she is not a fan for the first bit of wearing and then usually gives in...thank goodness!
love this sweet baby girl!

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