Thursday, January 11, 2018

making a change

to make life a bit easier and streamlined, I'm making the switch to chatbooks instead of the blog!

maggie's 1st birthday party!

we had a great time celebrating maggie's first birthday!  we had a breakfast party and she loved her pink donut....she was happy to have a full house and just crawled around and played with family and friends surrounding her.
when we sang happy birthday, she was content and happy and when we said "dear maggie" she stuck out her hand like, yep, that's me!  cutest thing ever.  


it's so true.  time flies.  how can the baby be ONE?
maggie weighs 21lbs 14oz (75%) and is a shorty at 27inches (10%).

her little personality is really starting to show.  she has recently become very opinionated about food and wants to make sure she is eating what we are eating, which can make life easy or very hard, depending on the meal.  she shakes her head no and trust me, she means no! she is slowly getting used to whole milk but I'm being slow to stop bottle at morning and night.  she just still seems like such a baby.  she loves pulling up and has taken a few steps while holding on to her walker toy or the couch but no independent steps or cruising.  she says "dada" regularly and "bubba" occasionally.  no mama yet :(   i still put her in the ergo whenever i can and she is still a mommas girl, especially when she is sleepy.  we love this baby girl!

on her first birthday, we treated the family to games at chuck e cheese.  we thought it was more for the big kids, but maggie absolutely loved it!  what a fun family memory!

post christmas & nyrs eve

we had a long school break after the few days of celebrating christmas.
we went to the movies, had friends over for lunch, daddy took all the kids on dates and built a pizza fort.  we went to six flags and gave maggie her last bottles...and 2017 ended with daddy being sick with strep throat.  i took the kids to my moms and we ended up iced in and spending new years watching movies and hanging with g & pop.  


christmas eve eve tradition.  our absolute favorite!

christmas eve morning 

after christmas eve service at g and pops
graham pretended to be santa and we made cookies

christmas morning at g & pops

christmas afternoon at nana & papa's

max had a headache most of christmas and by that night, he had a full blown migraine.  so maggie, max, and mommy missed christmas night with the vanderveer side of the family.