Tuesday, July 4, 2017

6 months

6 month little patriotic cutie!
you started sharing a room with big sis this month, which has caused a few sleepless nights.  you don't want to miss out on any of the fun, so when you sense others in the room you fight going to sleep.  you have started to really like your paci & loveys and enjoy tummy time more.  you still nurse around 6am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm and before bedtime.  you still aren't interested in rolling over or sitting up on your own.  you are a happy baby, with smiles for almost anyone.  love you maggie mae!

camping in colorado

camping in colorado.  
this trip was quite a trip.
before we even got to CO, the camper flooded with sewage water.
the first night, all 3 boys got sick.  followed by several other family members.  a bad bloody nose for graham, altitude sickness, and lack of sleep just added to the madness, but we still made the best of it and enjoyed time with family and some of the beauty CO has to offer.

hanging around the campgrounds, listening to livi play her guitar, watching cousins play together, and of course eating some smores!

the campground had a hike that we all did together one morning...

we also visited garden of the gods in colorado springs.  i have such fun memories of this place from my own childhood and it was so fun to see the kids enjoy it too.  max and joey even did a special climb just the 2 of them.  

our last day, we met up with our friends jeremy, candise, cade, and addy in littleton.  we loved getting to catch up and watch the kids hangout together!

we started our drive home that afternoon and after a big storm, saw a complete double rainbow!

we stopped in amarillo for the night and made the best of our pitstop visiting cadillac ranch, palo duro canyon, and even got to have one last lunch with our cousins!

5 months

june FUN

june always passes by so quickly at our house...but we did manage to have some fun even in a busy month.

six flags before it got too hot

a sweet morning when joey was out of town and my kiddos were being awesome

that time i locked my keys, phone, and baby in the car...geez.

first swim of the season!

swim team for our oldest

vbs at acf

boys night at the indy car races

family fun celebrating our newest nephew and birthdays

maggie and her bestie haven