Wednesday, September 6, 2017

8 months

gosh darn she's cute.  she sits and plays like a champ as long as someone is nearby.  she lets anyone hold her as long as she can't see mommy.  if mommy is anywhere nearby, she fusses for me and only me.  this month, we moved to bottles instead of nursing and she has done so well with the transition and still loves baby food too (well, except for peas).  her morning wake up time is so inconsistent...5am, 6:30am, 5:24am, but is always early, just like her look a like brother.  we think she is starting to say hi and to wave bye bye.  she adores her siblings and playing peek a boo.  she will put anything in her mouth but still shows no sign of any teeth.  she's our littlest baby by far and i am curious to see where she will be on the charts at next months appt.  LOVE HER.  

....and starting school

3rd grade with mrs. klauser
kinder with mrs. allen

our little early bird was ready to go, but i loved that i caught this yawn.

love that all 3 of the boys are together this year, and us 3 girls are together at home.  

real life moment...livi was all upset bc she couldn't bring her backpack and water bottle to school like the boys.  and i am like "listen girl, its 6:45am.  i have gotten 5 people ready to leave this house and we WILL be on time for the first day of school!" so a picture with her crying is what we have...

finishing up summer....

loving on baby sister on a lazy sunday afternoon....

solar eclipse sighting at sweet frog (thank goodness for the construction crew who had glasses and let us borrow them....our cereal box viewer was a failure)

quick trip to college station for levi's adoption...with an even quicker stop in waco on the way.

celebrating 6!!!

it's so fun having a summer birthday! 
 we celebrated graham with funky town donuts and a trip to the zoo!

and of course, a pool party...this time with cheese pizza and brownie pizza, family and friends.
he got SO many lego sets, but loved each one and spent the next afternoons building them all.  

Sunday, August 13, 2017

beach pictures

i love the beach.  and every time we have gone, i have wanted to get professional photos taken.  this time, we did it.  and i am so glad we did.  our photography, cassie davis, was perfectly sweet, patient, quick and captured us so so well.  it was one of my favorite parts of the whole trip and i am so thankful to have these pictures.  now, which ones to choose to put up in the house?!?!?!