Friday, January 13, 2017

first week at home with 4 kids!!!

we are making a great adjustment to 4 kids.  joey has been off for 2 weeks and i don't know how we would of made it without him.  it has been a good balance of getting stuff done, resting, and spending time with the kids.  although i am tired from newborn nights, things really are going very well.  

livi is the most interested in maggie.  she has asked to hold her the most and always wants to know where she is.  she wants to know why maggie is "eating me" (nursing) which is so funny to me!  i've heard little girls are very interested in nursing so it will be funny to see how the baby dolls are played with.  

graham is his typical self, cautious and curious.  he has held maggie once and helped me watch her one day when everyone else was gone.  every noise she made he came into my room and gave me a report.  i think he is enjoying the extra time at home and we are missing each other when he is at school.  

max is a great big brother to all 3.  he hasn't held maggie but he is very understanding to the fact that life will be a little different for a while.  the other night he said, "can we go out to dinner?  oh wait, that would not be good for maggie or mommy.  let's just go get something so mommy can take it easy."  he is very thoughtful with me and has been responsible with getting ready for school.  

first bath.  graham was our videographer/photographer.  
maggie hates being cold but i think she will be another water baby!

happy birthday maggie!

Happy Birthday to our Maggie Mae Vanderveer!
1.2.17 at 12:54pm
7lbs 7oz     20 1/2 inches

Mommy had taken it very easy over Christmas break because we didn't want you to arrive before New Years Eve.  But on New Years Day, we decided it was time.  Mommy spent the day walking and trying to make contradictions start but nothing seemed to be happening.  Then around 10pm, she was having terrible back pain/labor and we decided it was time to go to the hospital.  G and pop came over to stay with your sleeping siblings.  When we got to the hospital mommy was asked to walk to see if anything progressed before we were admitted and finally at 3am we were admitted.  Mommy was dilated to a 5 so they started her IV medication needed for group b strep and we were told to rest until the morning.  At 8am Dr Webster (the on-call dr.) came in and said that we needed to make more progress.  So at 8am, mommy had an epidural and they broke her water.  she slept until about 10am, she was at a 6 and they started a low dose of pitocin. at 11am, they upped the pitocin.  At noon, mommy was feeling a lot of pressure and told daddy he needed to get ready.  at 12:30pm, she called the nurses and told them about how much pressure she was feeling.  they checked her and it was time!  3 contractions and 9 pushes later, you were born at 12:54pm.  You were immediately placed on mommy where you stayed and nursed for around 2 hours.  Mommy was happy with the decision to get an epidural and how calm the birth was.  you were perfect!!!

12 dates for the 12 months of 2017

January-family cupcake tour
February-valentines date
March-painting at pickled picasso
May-dallas cocktail crawl
June-joey's bday date
July-13th anniversary date
August-double feature at the movie tavern
September-friday night lights date
November-denton date: audacity brew house happy hour and barley&board dinner
December-my birthday date

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

new years eve

joey worked a wedding and the kids & i had chickfila and smores with g and pop 
and then went to bed early....

merry christmas!

celebrating christmas

christmas eve eve tradition continues (although mommy and livi slept in their beds)

christmas eve morning

christmas morning at g and pops

christmas eve service

and not to anyones surprise, the pics at both my dads and at joeys parents did not happen.  once again i was tired and even more so begin so pregnant.  but it was a great christmas!

more december fun

babies and birthday brunch with andrea and other great friends! 

the musical at gateway followed by our favorite pizza dinner at mellow mushroom.
i love how mellow mushroom is becoming a special place for our family to celebrate and have good family time!

christmas movies and hot cocoa

and the boys had a fun day at six flags with their cousins.  the very pregnant mommy and the very tired 2 year old stayed home and rested.