Wednesday, April 5, 2017

me & marta

this friendship was established in 1996 in a freshman level geography class in which we were the only sophomores.  we were the new kids in school and while the friendship took a while to grow i still call her my best friend from high school.  we don't talk often and see each other even less but when we do i feel like things never changed.
 even though we both have changed.  
she still asks the best questions, is fiercely independent and has great style.  
and i can't wait to see her be a mommy.

3 months

and this baby girl is 3 months.  the 2 to 3 month span has been the best for maggie mae and her mommy.  she began smiling a lot and also started sleeping through the night.  she also began to adjust to nap time and mommy figured out that when she wakes up she will happily sit and watch the world around her until its time to nurse.  and just in the last 2 weeks, mommy adjusted her diet and its like we have a new baby.  she still fusses occasionally and still cries before going to sleep but her fussiness has changed SO much and we couldn't be happier to have a happy girl!

livi jane turns 3!

our sweet livi jane is 3! 
she is 38 1/2 inches tall and weighs 34 1/2 lbs (she looks like a 4 year old!)
we all love this girl.  she is super sweet and still runs to the door everyday when her daddy gets home.  she is always asking "where's bubba (graham)?" or "where's my other bubba (max)?" or "where's maggie?"  this girl was made to socialize.  she loves school and potty trained with ease.  she is fiercely independent and lots of fits are thrown because somebody helped her when she didn't want help.  she likes all things girly but will also pick a guy to take with her in the car.  she loves to help me in the kitchen and really likes to read.  she is a singer and if still very observant.  i can't wait to spend the next year at home with her and her baby sister!

we celebrated her birthday with a pinkalicious party at the park.  she had to have pink cupcakes!

with some birthday money livi got, we went to see the new beauty and the beast movie.  it was so fun to have a girls night with her.  she did not like the "shooting part" and keeps telling everyone about it.  we are constantly singing the songs from the movie and she likes to dance with daddy to the songs too.  

spring break

spring break was quick but we managed to have some fun!
we had a family night with cupcakes and the movie trolls.
joey and i went on a date.
we spent a day at the trampoline park with my dad.
and we went to visit our cousins in bryan and introduce them to maggie.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

maggie mae's sip & see

we had to celebrate baby girls arrival!  my friends kristin and lyndsay and my sister kacy (and my mom bc we had it at her house) hosted a lovely sip & see in our honor.  yummy food, cute decor, and fun visiting with friends!

kid dates

kid dates.  this has been a goal of ours for a long time and we haven't quite hit a good rhythm, but with the fun memories made on these dates, i know we will work hard to make it happen.

livi and joey went to the chickfila daddy daughter date night, complete with dinner, ice cream sundaes, and a carriage ride; then they spent a little time at chuck e cheese, which livi loves (even though this is only her 2nd time to go there!)

i took the boys to see the lego batman movie and then out for some hot chocolate.  
we loved spending some special time with our kids and already have some ideas for our next kid dates!