Thursday, November 2, 2017

10 months

this little cutie is 10 months old.  time has flown.  she is slowly crawling and a little mischievous.  she still loves her baby food, puffs and cheerios.  she has her first 2 bottom teeth and her first fever :(  she can clap her hands and moves a little if you ask her to dance.  she loves to be outside and still hates being left alone.  her paci and bunny are a must for going to sleep.  we all just adore this baby so much!


pumpkin carving, trunk or treats, and trick or treating all made for some halloween fun!

fall fun

just some fun we've been having this fall...

date night

lunch at school with the boys

dance class continues

friday night lights

pumpkin patch fun with friends!

enjoying a day off school at the zoo

celebrate roanoke

daddy daughter date with the cutest belle you've every seen

state fair with just mom, dad, and max...concert, food and fun memories

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

"dance school"

this little "gurl" is staying home this year but she does get to go to "dance school"  
she adores her teacher, ms cori and loves picking her dance leotard and skirt out every week.  
her favorite part is tap, where they dance to the "poppy song" and the freeze dance with the ribbon hoops.  this is a precious time for just us girls and i absolutely love it!  

9 months

maggie mae is 9 months old!  she weighs 19 pounds 9 ounces (50%) and is 26 inches long (10%).  she is by far our smallest baby, but still has all the rolls.  she is our only baby to actually be wearing the same size clothes as she is old, which is so weird to me...i've never had a 9 month old actually wearing 9 month clothes!!!!

she is officially weaned and drinks 4 bottles a day, along with baby food at mealtimes.  she loves her some cheerios and puffs, but isn't interested in putting any other foods in her mouth quite yet....but toys, books, small objects, leaves, you name it, she's tried to eat it.  today, she signed all done about her baby food and screeched until i gave her some puffs.  she has grown very fond of her paci this month (i think its bc she is about to get some teeth), and has also become very vocal.  she likes to say dada and yell for attention.  she still hates being alone, but is more interested in moving.  no crawling but reaches and scoots and rolls to get to what she wants.  or just yells until someone gives it to her.  she plays with her hands in the cutest little way where she joins them together and rolls them around and around...she loves to make noise by banging toys together or against something hard.  
this baby just makes us all so happy!

six years old

this boy.  we are nothing alike, but i wish i was more like him.  he is sweet and sensitive.  thoughtful and empathetic.  silly and kind.  and yes, still sometimes a punk and a meanie.  he has such an imagination and his stories go on FOREVER.  he is loving kindergarten and adjusting very well to being gone all day (a big fear for me as he is so introverted).  

at 6 years old, graham weighs 51 pounds 8 ounces (75%)  and is 3 feet 10 inches (50%) tall.

i can't wait to see what this one becomes.  he's the best of us.  

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

8 months

gosh darn she's cute.  she sits and plays like a champ as long as someone is nearby.  she lets anyone hold her as long as she can't see mommy.  if mommy is anywhere nearby, she fusses for me and only me.  this month, we moved to bottles instead of nursing and she has done so well with the transition and still loves baby food too (well, except for peas).  her morning wake up time is so inconsistent...5am, 6:30am, 5:24am, but is always early, just like her look a like brother.  we think she is starting to say hi and to wave bye bye.  she adores her siblings and playing peek a boo.  she will put anything in her mouth but still shows no sign of any teeth.  she's our littlest baby by far and i am curious to see where she will be on the charts at next months appt.  LOVE HER.