Sunday, June 12, 2016

first swim of the season

the weather in may really hadn't been warm and sunny enough to swim, but we decided to brave a cloudy day and have our first swim at my moms.  and so did these guys.  

we had to assist the ducklings in getting out of the pool and even after we did that, they still attempted to swim at my moms later that day.  they have moved on but it made for quite an exciting first day at the pool.

and now, we are mid way through swim lessons, when mommy lives in the pool, and daddy is a single parent, and the kids say things like "we never see you mom".  luckily, it is only a few weeks out of every summer and i enjoy it.  but i am looking forward to the end so our summer can really begin!!!!

finishing up at first flight

these 2 (and me) had a great first year at first flight.  livi was the little momma of the sunshines class and graham of course barely came out of his shell in the blue birds room.

we had a petting zoo come for a visit.  and of course graham would not even go into the fenced in area...when he doesn't feel comfortable doing something, there is no convincing him.  luckily, he is getting better and better with his anxiety and shyness.  

next year, i will continue to teach t/th prek and graham will be in my class.  we decided that with an august birthday and a shy demeanor it would do him a lot of good to wait a year for kindergarten.  this decision has given me a lot of peace and I'm excited to see how much more he grows in confidence this year.  
livi will be in the 2s class and i know she will thrive.  she loves to go to school and see her friends!

off to 2nd grade!

max's first grade year flew by.  he has done so well in school, except for the occasional "talking at inappropriate times" marks in his folder...the first grade at roanoke does a reading restaurant for the kids to show off their reading skills. 

field day fun!  
its a great thing to be able to hangout with your kid and your husband at the same time!

max was part of a group who got to present reading restaurant at night of no limits.  he was so proud to be a VIP (very important panda as he referred to it!)

first grade classroom awards. he got one for THINK.  perfect.
and now off to 2nd grade!  

mother's day

these 3 made me a mommy.  its my favorite job.  even on the days when they are not my favorites.  
we celebrated at chuys, with a yummy breakfast, with sweet cards, muffins with mom, and a visit from my mimi.  

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

first tee golf

when we lived in our apartment in carrollton, it was on the golf course.  max really wanted to play golf.  but we couldn't really find classes/lessons for him that worked for our family.  then my mom found a first tee program in fort worth.  it has been so great for him and he loves it!  g takes him almost every monday, and they let him borrow clubs to practice with.  its a great program that teaches character and golf skills and is affordable.  check it out if you are looking for golf for your kiddos. and check out our cute golfer (in the white hat)!

she's 2!

livi jane is 2
she weighs  35lbs (off the chart!) and is 36 inches long (97%)

this little girl brings us such joy.  she is talking up a storm, but gets shy around people she doesn't know and even some people she does (sorry to most of our male family!)
she copies everything her brothers do and wants so bad to do all the things they do.  she will still cuddle up but wants to be independent.  she LOVES to read in my lap; look at books and plays momma to her friends at school.  she is a great eater and asks for dessert after every meal. 
 i love putting this girl to bed.  she asks us to "sing livi song" which is a song my parents sang to me and g still sings to the kids at her house.  she lays her head on my shoulder and hums along while i sing "i love my livi"  its a sweet time with my sweet girl!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

celebrating 2

our little girl.  oh we love her so much!  her second birthday was a fun day, chickfila for breakfast & six flags that afternoon.  

we had a lemonade and cookies party at the park to celebrate with friends and family.  joey built her a lemonade stand and it was so cute, it even attracted some actual lemonade sales at the party!  we had great weather and just a fun time.  (and i don't think she said a word the whole party, except to ask for a drink and a cookie)

livi loves "su su" (wilson)

 so serious when everyone was singing to her

 this is her "I'm not sure about this" face.  we see it often.  
 with her neighbor buddy walker.  they LOVE to say hi to each other.