Friday, September 16, 2016

back to school at first flight preschool

back to school for the 3 of us! 
 i will be teaching prek on tues/thurs until december when i will be home with baby girl!

graham is doing a 2nd year of prek and is pumped to be the only 5 year old in the class (for now!)

and livi is in the 2s/rainbows class.  she loves school and her friends!

gender reveal for baby #4

here is a picture of baby #4 and the baby bump at 21 weeks.  we had our sonogram and kept the gender in an envelope until the following weekend.  then we had a pool party to celebrate with our friends and family!

g and pop made homemade ice cream and aunt amy put the correct color of sprinkles in the shakers for the boys to put on their ice cream.  and to our wonderful was pink!  IT'S A GIRL!

we are all so excited!!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

2nd grade begins!

school has official started for joey and max.  we so enjoyed summer and we really are so lucky that joey is a teacher and gets to enjoy summer break with us!  we wrapped up summer with a fun day at the zoo.

then 2nd grade began.  on the way to the first day, max said "I'm excited.  but i don't really know why!"  ill take excited about school starting anyday...we are excited to see what max does in class this year.  we are hoping that he will be a positive leader both with his character and with his smarts.  we love this boy and know he will do great things!

5 years old!

this guy.  5 years old.  he is still sensitive and shy but has grown so much and gets braver everyday.  he is a thinker and is never quiet (at least at home).  he is the king of sound affects and crazy stories about his guys and other characters.  he is 43 inches tall (50%) and weighs 43 pounds (70%).  he likes to cuddle and is an early riser.  he is sweet with his sister and annoyed by his brother.  i think he is the most excited about the new baby.  "what's wrong bud?" "oh nothing.  I'm just going to be a little sad until the baby is here."  melt.  

we celebrated with a paw patrol pool party.  he has become a great swimmer this year and i love seeing him enjoy the pool!

on his actual birthday, we had one of his favorite dinners (pizza rolls) and then went to chuck e cheese to play games and out for ice cream.  

"we aren't. i do"

in early august, we did a short trip to the hill country with the stewarts.  it was glorious.  so fun.  so restful.  no fights, no drama.  good food.  lots and lots and lots of laughs.  it's on repeat for every year.

we spent one night in austin on the way and spent the morning in the barton springs.
then we spent the next 3 nights in comfort at the haven river inn.  we just played by the river, played in the pool, played outside.  the whole trip just makes me smile when i think about it.