Thursday, May 25, 2017

end of year awards

livi: mousy mouse (for her cute little school voice)
graham: heart of gold (tenderness, kind to others, general amazing behavior)
max: respect core (leadership skills-a BIG honor), GATES expo, & future veterinarian 
for his LOVE of pandas!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

skipping school for six flags

we wanted to go to six flags before it got hot and to avoid some crowds.  so on a random wednesday at the end of may, we did.  we skipped school and responsibilities and had fun with our family.  i love these kinda days with my favorite people having fun!

mother's day

mom's day was a good day.  joey and the kids made me waffles, helped with some chores, and then we spent the afternoon and evening with our favorite friends.  i LOVE this picture of me and my friend andrea and our babies.  being mommy together is a blast.  

rangers and retirment

my mom is retiring this year from school counseling.  she has worked so hard in her career as a mom, teacher and counselor and I'm excited for her to take a step back and enjoy her retirement.  
we celebrated with her school at a ranger game.  our kids love going to games as long as the snacks keep coming.  maggie did so well at her first game and it was such a fun night!
the next night, the 4 rankin kids threw her a surprise retirement party along with some family friends. she was so so so surprised and really appreciated it.  i am glad we were able to bless her with something so fun and so special.  

the end of prek

graham is ready for kindergarten.  seriously.  he lost his first tooth the day before kindergarten roundup.  we went on a special date and talked all about next year.  we celebrated the end of soccer season and his prek graduation with pizza.  and when i announced his "heart of gold" award at the graduation, i teared up and shakily said "sorry, he's mine."  he is such a blessing to this momma's heart and we are so excited to see what great things he will do next year and in the future.  

field trip fun!

one thing i LOVE about being a mom is going on field trips.  i loved field trips as a teacher and they are fun to experience as a mom too.  max and i had fun on the field trip to the legacy park nature center.  i also enjoyed being able to make some new mom friends, especially with max's best friend hunter's mom.

while i was on the field trip, the little kids had a blast at bapa and nana's house, including a fun canoe ride with uncle tyler.  

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

4 months

maggie mae is 4 months old!
she weighs 15lbs 5oz (75%) and is 25 inches long (50%)

this month has been the easiest month so far for our little girl.  mommy continues to eat dairy free (but when she cheats a little, baby girl lets us know!) and this has lead to a MUCH happier baby.  she is a bit of an early riser (6am), but then eats every 3-4 hours after that and just a few weeks ago, dropped her dream feed and sleeps 8ish to 6ish.  she found her thumb, but still refuses the paci most of the time and is doing much better at naps too.  she hates tummy time still but loves her family.  i would say she is a momma's girl for now and looks for me in most situations.  the kids like making her smile, especially big sister and livi is so proud when "maggie smile at me."  joey does silly voices to make her laugh and she likes talking to us a lot. she likes to be a part of things and likes to sit in our laps so she can observe the world around her (versus being in her swing or something).  i've been wearing her more in the ergo and she is not a fan for the first bit of wearing and then usually gives in...thank goodness!
love this sweet baby girl!