Wednesday, December 7, 2016

so far in december...

a real tree.  and real men. 
 i love when joey trusts them enough (and has the patience) to let them do the man stuff.  

a surprise shower at FF preschool for me and baby girl!  such a fun treat!

the kids all dressed up for casa maƱana with g and pop...
livis first year and g said she was mesmerized!

max's art work on display at barnes and noble for the fine arts celebration

trying out for the family feud with my siblings and mom.  we should know in a few weeks if we made the cut!  it would be so fun to be on the show again (and win some money too!)


thanksgiving feasts at FF preschool.  graham ate a roll or 2 and livi sang "ted the turkey"

our girls trip got postponed this summer so we made up for it with a fun night in dallas...where we going this summer ladies???? it will be our 11th trip so its gotta be big!

thanksgiving eve eve dinner tradition with our favorites

the turkey trot (or turkey waddle in my case!)

it was a gorgeous day, a yummy meal, and we capped it off with a family movie!
thankful for everything God has given us!

8 year old stats

our first born.  what can we say? there are times when i can't handle max's intelligence, his heart, his wit or his energy.  then there are times when i see him walking out of school and i think "he is handsome and growing up to be a great kid.  i am so proud of him."
a new birthday tradition with my family is to tell the person what you love or appreciate about them.  max didn't have the traditional birthday lunch that we grown ups do so last week at my birthday lunch he was insistent that we talk about him too.  he is loved for his humor and intelligence.  he is loved bc he loves pandas and loves to read.  joey and i both are seeing a growing heart that is beginning to really understand repentance and sorrow when he does wrong.  max is a good big brother and is very helpful when i need him to be.  his energy can be exhausting, but he will still cuddle up and just want to talk.  i just can't believe he is 8!
at 8 years old he weighs 72lbs and is 4 1/2 feet tall

celebrating the 8 year old!

max turned 8!  we celebrated with the same game plan as last time...lil ninjas and chickfila for lunch with cheesecake for dessert with just a few friends.  he had a great time and it was a fun day!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


in october, the boys took a tennis course from the roanoke recreation center.
max has been asking to try tennis for a while and this was a great fit for him.  he really liked it and is excited to play tennis against daddy at the park soon.  graham had a good time, despite the fact that his tiny tennis class didn't make and he had to join the big kids (he was the youngest by far).  it was fun to spend thursday nights at the park, enjoying a picnic and watching the boys.  


first up, our preschool costume parade.  livi was so cute when she came out of her room dressed as snow white.  i said "let's take a picture before school" and when she stood next to gra she so sweetly said "hi batman."  max came with us bc we had a retirement lunch for papaw later that day...

the weekend before halloween, we decided to give boo at the zoo a try.  the kids had fun but it was CRAZY crowded.  i am so glad we had passes bc everything was included and we didn't feel bad only staying a little bit.  we did get a great view of the baby gorilla which was really fun!

we spent sunday with my family, carving pumpkins.  and sometimes when you vote on which pumpkin is the best one, the tie breaker is a dance party (voting and dance party coordinated by max!)

on halloween, we ate dinner at my moms and then went to the trunk or treat at their church for bit.  we headed home in time to also trick or treat at a few houses on our street.  sadly, i didn't take any pictures of the trick or treating but trust me, captain america, batman, and snow white all had plenty of candy!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

fall school photos

yep, I'm cheap.  and yes, the pics were cute but not enough to order. so yes, i took a picture of the proof and now at least we have some memories of the fall 2016 preschool pictures!