Thursday, March 9, 2017

maggie mae's sip & see

we had to celebrate baby girls arrival!  my friends kristin and lyndsay and my sister kacy (and my mom bc we had it at her house) hosted a lovely sip & see in our honor.  yummy food, cute decor, and fun visiting with friends!

kid dates

kid dates.  this has been a goal of ours for a long time and we haven't quite hit a good rhythm, but with the fun memories made on these dates, i know we will work hard to make it happen.

livi and joey went to the chickfila daddy daughter date night, complete with dinner, ice cream sundaes, and a carriage ride; then they spent a little time at chuck e cheese, which livi loves (even though this is only her 2nd time to go there!)

i took the boys to see the lego batman movie and then out for some hot chocolate.  
we loved spending some special time with our kids and already have some ideas for our next kid dates!

2 months

at 2 months, maggie weighs 12lbs 1oz and is 22.2 inches long.

im not gonna lie.  she's our fussiest baby.  which is why i had to capture that too!
she cries herself to sleep 9 out of 10 times and still really likes to be swaddled and bounced and walked around.  she hates tummy time, but has started to give more smiles and likes to look at her brothers and sister.  just in the last week (after her 2 month appt) i feel like she is starting to get it. she is having longer content awake times, and even though she cries herself to sleep her naps are getting more consistent.  she seems to hate the hours between 5-7pm so joey usually spends dinner with her being bounced in his arms or lap while eating with one hand.  she lets us eat dinner in peace about once a week :( she also has really gotten the hang of nursing, so she is eating quicker and my body is responding well to that with a lot less pain. at night she will sleep from about 10pm to 3 or 4am and then back to sleep til around 6 or 7am.  i am ready for her to sleep through the night but i feel lucky that while her daytime naps are hit or miss, she sleeps very well at night!  

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

maggie mae's newborn pics

valentines parties!

3 kids in school.  3 parties.  a busy but very fun day!
(and thanks to ana for keeping maggie so i could give each kid a little one on one attention!)

(she's doing the strong motion of jesus loves cute!)

i think graham was the most excited for me to be at his party as just his mom, and not also his teacher.  and i loved it too!

and max is a total goober with lots of friends and lots of laughs.  

family valentines

we love heart day around here.  valentines weekend started out with a family cupcake date/tour. joey got us gift cards to several local bakeries and we went around and picked a few treats from each place.  then we went home and sampled them.  so fun and yum!

 then on sunday we were supposed to have our traditional valentines meal at g and pops house but g was sick so we had to cancel.  our family went out for burgers instead and had a fun family lunch.

love these little sweethearts!